The Microcare® range is being continually developed to meet the requirements of the highly specialised personal care industry.

A broad range of preservatives is available for all personal care applications.

Product Name
Isothiazolinone & blends
Rinse off application only
Microcare CB/CBS Optimised blends of chloromethyl/methylisothiazolinone (CIT/MIT) and benzyl alcohol for low in-use concentrations
Microcare IT/ITO A broad spectrum high purity liquid formulation based on chloromethyl/methylisothiazolinone (CIT/MIT)
Microcare ITH A broad spectrum high purity liquid blend based on DMDM Hydantoin and chloromethyl/methylisothiazolinone (CIT/MIT)
Microcare ITL A broad spectrum, high purity, nitrate free liquid formulation based on chloromethyl/methylisothiazolinone (CIT/MIT)
Methylisothiazolinone & blends
Microcare MAQ & MTA Methylisothiazolinone and amine oxide dispersions offering effective wet wipe preservation
Microcare MT Methylisothiazolinone in water providing broad spectrum bactericidal activity. Ideal for combination with fungicides
Microcare MPE Methylisothiazolinone in phenoxyethanol, providing broad spectrum activity
Microcare MTB & MTB7 Aqueous dispersions of methylisothiazolinone and polyaminopropyl biguanide (PHMB)
Microcare MTC & MTC2 Water/glycol based dispersions of methylisothiazolinone and chlorphenesin
Microcare MTD2 & MTD3 Water/glycol based dispersions of methyisothiazolinone and decylene glycol
Microcare MTI & MTO Synergistic dispersions of methylisothiazolinone and iodopropynyl butylcarbamate (IPBC) for enhanced fungicidal performance
Microcare MTP/MTP8 & MEM Dispersions of methylisothiazolinone and two parabens
Microcare SI A synergistic blend of methylisothiazolinone and benzisothiazolinone with enhanced properties
Microcare HDI A cationic hydrosoluble powder preservative
Microcare MBG A cationic broad spectrum aqueous formulation based on polyaminopropyl biguanide (PHMB)
Microcare QT An aqueous quaternary ammonium formulation of benzalkonium chloride (min 50%)
ECOCERT compliant
Microcare BNA Benzyl alcohol (min 99%)
Microcare DB A blend of dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol
Microcare KS Potassium sorbate
Microcare NB Sodium benzoate
Microcare NS Sodium salycilate
Microcare SB A mild easy to use optimised blend of two organic acids in water
Microcare SBB A liquid blend of benzyl alcohol and two organic acids
Microcare SBS A mild easy to use optimised blend of two sodium organic acids in water
Bronopol & blends
Microcare BR Bronopol (min 30%) in water/glycol base
Microcare BRP Bronopol powder (min 98%)
Microcare BPI Liquid blend of bronopol, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate (IPBC) and benzyl alcohol
Microcare BPM Liquid blend of bronopol, two parabens and phenoxyethanol
HCHO donors
Microcare DH DMDM Hydantoin (55%) in water
Microcare DMP Liquid blend of diazolidinyl urea and two parabens
Microcare IM Imidazolidinyl urea
Microcare IMP Blend of imidazolidinyl urea and parabens
Parabens (powders)
Microcare MHB Methyl paraben (min 99%)
Microcare EHB Ethyl paraben (min 99%)
Microcare OHB Propyl paraben (min 99%)
Microcare BHB Butyl paraben (min 99%)
Microcare SMP Sodium methyl paraben (min 99%)
Microcare SPP Sodium propyl paraben (min 99%)
Parabens with phenoxyethanol
Microcare PM2 Combination of two parabens in phenoxyethanol
Microcare PM3 Combination of three parabens in phenoxyethanol
Microcare PM4 Combination of four parabens in phenoxyethanol
Microcare PM5 Combination of five parabens in phenoxyethanol
Phenoxyethanol & blends
Microcare BDP Liquid blend of phenoxyethanol and organic acids for gentle preservation
Microcare PE Phenoxyethanol
Microcare PEHG Liquid blend of ethylhexyl glycerine in phenoxyethanol
Microcare PHC Liquid blend of chlorphenesin in phenoxyethanol
Microcare PHG Liquid blend of caprylyl glycol in phenoxyethanol
Microcare PHD Liquid blend of decylene glycol in phenoxyethanol
Microcare PHDG & PHDG2 Liquid blends of both decylene and caprylyl glycol in phenoxyethanol
Microcare PHI Liquid blend of phenoxyethanol and IPBC for enhanced fnugicidal activity
Microcare PPD Efficient preservative system based on phenoxyethanol and decylene glycol in a convenient powder dispersion, especially adapted to make-up applications
Microcare ZP Zinc pyrithione (48%) in water as anti-dandruff agent

Product information is for general guidance only - please contact your local Thor Group Company for Product Data Sheets and technical advice. A wide range of other products is available for specialised applications and to meet local conditions and regulations.