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In-Cosmetics Back in Barcelona!

Making Cosmetics

The Thor Personal Care team have returned from a busy and successful In-Cosmetics Global in Barcelona where they welcomed more than 150 visitors from around the globe including Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, UK, USA, India, Pakistan, Korea, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia. 

The show highlighted several general trends, including multifunctional and high-performing ingredients, sustainability, clean and simple beauty routines and the microbiome. The team actively promoted Microcare® Quat EQG and Microcare® Amide BHAM, showcasing a pack of formulations specially created by our application lab for the occasion. 

Thor presented a minimalist routine for skin care consisting of Non-Stop Moisturising Day Cream, Hydra Boost Body Lotion and Revitalising Clay Mask. Each of these products was carefully crafted with Microcare® Quat EQG as the base and preserved with a range of preservative systems to ensure optimal effectiveness. 

A complete treatment was showcased, specially designed for dry, thirsty hair, featuring Natural SLES Free Shampoo, Rescue Conditioner and Recovery Hair Mask, all based on Microcare® Amide BHAM. These products are formulated to condition and revive hair, leaving it looking healthy and vibrant.

A Zero Waste Solid Kit was introduced which reflects the industry's latest trend for solid, waterless formulations. This kit features a solid shampoo and hair conditioner, both of which contain Microcare® Quat EQG as the main active ingredient. 

Marta Rusiñol, Personal Care Application Lab Leader, presented a Technical Seminar on "Microcare® Quat EQG: How to meet less-is-more market trends with one multifunctional ingredient." Marta showcased the new features of Microcare® Quat EQG as a versatile ingredient able to condition, emulsify and boost preservative properties in various applications. 

Finally, an exceptional multi-application formula called "Spray & Go" was offered, suitable for skin care, hair care, and wet wipes. This formula highlights the versatility of Microcare® Quat EQG and its ability to offer various benefits such as conditioning, emulsifying, and preservative-boosting properties.

It was wonderful to see so many old and new customers at the show and we are already looking forward to Paris in 2024!