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Thor's Hair Studio attracts the crowds in Paris

Making Cosmetics
Thor Personal Care is once again celebrating a very busy and successful In-Cosmetics show in Paris.  Visitors from Europe were joined by many from across the globe including from Asia, North Africa, the Gulf region, South America, Canada and Russia.
Crowds flocked to Thor’s Hair Studio and Sensory Bar where a delightful range of six custom made samples incorporating Microcare® Silicones and Quats were demonstrated and offered to visitors.
In addition, the new Preservation R&D tour visited Thor’s stand where 25 formulators from many different countries were introduced to the range and showed particular  interest in Thor’s sustainable green conditioner, Microcare® Quat EQG.
Pictured is Stéphane Sellam, Thor Personal Care’s Technical Service & Regulatory Affairs Manager, addressing the R&D tour on the Thor stand.
Thank you all for visiting and we look forward to meeting up again next year in Barcelona!


Sensorial Bar delights in Brazil
Making Cosmetics
Thor Brazil staff are back from a successful and dynamic exhibition at In-Cosmetics LATAM which took place in Sao Paulo  in September.
The striking booth incorporated a 'sensorial bar' which enabled visitors to feel the benefits of Thor ingredients in finished products first hand.  Samples supplied from the Thor formulation lab in Zhenjiang China focussed on clear hair conditioner Microcare Amide RIAM, green conditioning quat Microcare Quat EQG and superlative skin and hair conditioning agent Microcare Silicone G3070.  According to Ridnei Brenna, Managing Director of Thor Brazil, "This strategy has certainly proved a success.   We show the raw material together with the respective end product.  Visitors really appreciated this."  
The event attracted visitors from all over South America and also welcomed large numbers of customers from the USA, Europe and Asia.  Thor staff were delighted to meet so many of you in Sao Paulo and look forward to seeing you again next year!